The Sharpened Quill is a webzine focusing against post-modernism in all of it’ s myriad forms, for European resurgence, Europe as a homogeneous homeland for Europeans and Europa as our founding spirit as handed down father to father for millennium as the Greco-Roman tradition and the Hellenistic Christian tradition.

It is a complex, interwoven, topic full of symbolism, romance, tragedy, martyrdom, heroics, creativity, reverence, all literary devices are on full display in our history and blood. Ours is a Sacred Bond of inheritance too Soil and Blood, and our race has had a catastrophic period of amnesia and lack of sense since the end of WW1.2. This is one little part to awaken the memory inherent in blood and our rightful place in our own lands, a metaphysical journey to the Phoenix.

Our rebirth is tied to discovering the Old Ways of thought and action, rediscovering the mustard seed of what is momentarily lost. Ripped asunder from us by foreign agents and local traitors and a thread to our Ancestors frayed.

We have a unique history, we were made in the Divine Image, and are unique civilizing beings of law and light. We owe no one anything and the world owe us for the gifts and sacrifices we have constantly provided it. In this Dark Age the Enemy tries to cast us down, psychologically terrorizes us through myriad propaganda mediums, and have undermined all our institutions. Yet, we have suffered many things and came out not surviving, but thriving. This may be our most serious challenge yet and we can beat the odds again as we have always done.

This is a sister site of Elysium Dawn with a different format and methodology. While Elysium Dawn is the library, this is the podium.