More senseless parasites making more mundane shit laws

I have a better idea. Let us get rid of senseless parasites whose whole purpose in office is to make business contacts for when out of office and feed lawyers, and then get rid of the vote. As people have not clued in that by voting they are supporting directly and by consent parasites to make stupid and senseless shit laws while ignoring real issues they show a continual habit of criminal negligence. In shark (legal) speak it is called habitual criminals. So, we have in our endless capacity for linear progression have created a mass populance of habitual criminals (through association and consent of electing criminals) selecting habitual criminals to give them something to complain about.

I really despise endless scrolling, autoplay videos are annoying but not as annoying as the old banner ads were yet when net is slow autoplay videos are very irksome. Regulate it though? Fucking kidding me. There is real issues to deal with and Law is meant to protect the innocent from the criminal and not to codify parasite circle jerking.

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