Audio recording with subtitles embeded of Hitler talking to Finnish commander Mannerheim.

This is very very interesting. It totally squashes many premises of the Yiddish story of WW1.2.

Soviets were in no position to wage a major war. They had decimated Ukraine of farmers, Slav and German, which is the only fertile land in Europe east of France able to support an empire the size of the USSR and a war. A short 20 years earlier a major civil war was fought that took quite a bit of life from both sides and those of the White Russians that could fled to Mongolia and China or hid out in Siberia. Stalin had purged the majority of upper government of Trotskyite Yids. So one has to ask. Where did they get the money and supplies to build 35, 000 tanks with factories of 30, 000 to 60, 000 workers? That is a gross underestimation too. There was 35, 000 T-34s built alone and this is not counting the massive numbers of other tanks.

Leftists get scared by facts they do not manufacture. So a strategy is ask simple childish questions framed by the facts even their authority figures do not question. There is documentation proving the answer, but the question remains: who provided the funds and materials for the Soviet war effort?

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