Not dead, yet! Visions, delusions, granduer.

Well, things got complicated. I have been very busy and distracted first researching, and second building a feature (future) proof way to build http[s]:// Which is where I’ am going to convert the suitable content from into a traditional .html webpage website.

As with computers things get more complicated and time consuming as one progresses in a project. I have a vision and building something I think is going to be very cool for me to work with and cool for the few souls that come across it. I have been building websites on and off for almost two decades now, from when we wrote in text editors to things like this site, the systems admin headache: WordPress. Hence why I pay them. Too much bullshit. For an editor and writer it is a nice system. Something though I do not even want to think of managing on the technical side.

I actually do not enjoy computer techie stuff most of the time anymore. There is the moments though it is worth it. To be honest, I’ am probably not very good at it anymore. I keep up the skills though because I will stop using computers completely if forced to use Windows or Mac. Freedom requires sacrifice and some headache and time is well worth the sacrifice to use free operating systems. I really just want to study, write, travel, and make babies.

With this in my mind I hatched a crazy idea. I was unsatisfied with the current state of web development. To run a database and PHP backend for a site is expensive because of the power needed to run the software, time consuming to keep up with some deluded hipster’s drive to try every geometrical shape to improve upon the wheel (we are coming out of the square wheel phase in IT I fucking hope), and just tired of dealing with the IT world from a techie viewpoint. Everything is broken. So broken we have no idea how broken and probably so broken it all works by the grace of God because it is so broken.

To save the details the following is a synopsis of what Elysium Dawn is going to function as. Webpages that are HTML5/CSS 3 and no javascript, scripts, and other electricity draining garbage to distract from the content. Clean, fast, and readable. I will do this by using what is called a static site generator. I do the page in a text file (asciidoc) and along with images, books (lots of books check the forum if you do not believe me and many more to add that are on my hard drive), and all searchable. Here is the genius though. You will be able to download a zip file and unarchive it, open from your hard drive and it will be browsable just like the site online. If you have the space and bandwith it will be easier to just download the whole thing then one book here or one there. That is the basis though, I hope to collect many other things like audio and webpages from other sites pertaining to the ethos of Elysium Dawn.

This is not a new idea, it is just few sites have done it. Or, I think none have actually thought of using open source software common to the geeks for a non-geek audience. Getting boring there will be a separate section of the site that will be git powered. This is where the text files later converted to .html pages and the website will be. Being asciidoc formatted they are easy to read (much easier than the source for .html) and can be converted to PDF and a plethora of other common and specialist formats. Everything used for the generation of the site will be in this repository. Once seen then it becomes a lot more cool.

A more concrete explanation is that this makes it completely decentralized, makes the resource requirements much lower (one can run the generated site on a $35 computer). Many little trivial things to work out but the vision is something censorship proof by being feature proof. Plus, there is the added benefit I can quit fucking around with utter shit made by delusional hipsters and concentrate on the Struggle.

I will turn this into a webzine with regular content, do my best to gather together some of us like minded, this is the populist side. My vision is a little esoteric, librarian, but once the vision is built time and energy can come back here. Not to make promises but I hope to build something that can be replicated easily and quickly, that with a little teaching your grandmother can use. A decentralized, feature proof, censorship proof, collection of ships in the vast expanse of the internet.

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