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The Neoconservatives who planed 911 inside America originally were Bolsheviks who over took Russia in 1917 and murdered 100 million white Christians The Jewish led Bolshevik game plan of 1914 was to eradicate Christians worldwide, but by the grace of god, Trotsky fell ill, and Stalin, who was a Jewish Nationalist similar to Hitler, didn’t […]

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    • There is no proof he was not you degenerate fag. Was in the top of the Yiddish Cabal during Lenin years, was supported by Yiddish Leninists over the Yiddish Trotskyites after Lenin’ s death and a brutal racial war against White Russians. How was he not a Yid?

      You sound like a kike yourself coward.

      • And yet he was responsible for orchestrating the Doctor’s Plot and getting Jews labelled as “rootless cosmopolitans”. All the while purging a good chuck of the old Bolshevists from the Lenin days due to sheer paranoia. Had this not been the case, the First World would have had a much harder time condemning Stalin without international Jewry ganging up on him.

        “brutal racial war”

        Against whom? Russians [yes, ethnic Russkies] are part mongoloid. At least 50% of them have the same problem with alcohol as East Asians. They are barely whiter than Tatars let alone Jews. The Russian civil war was a fight between racial kin over who had the better autocracy.

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