I’ am The SJW

Religion is evil. Yet I follow the doctrine of an offshoot of Judaism the most organized religion in the world, that of the Jesuit watered down for the useful idiot, me the SJW, Antifa, Bolshevik, middle class spoiled moron. If you do not agree with popular science theories, which many tens of thousands of scientists do not, then I react like a religious nut for the attack on my religion. Religion is evil, but the father of the Scientific Method was a Catholic Dominican using Aristotelian Logic which was obscure but brought back to life by an organized religion given support by a tyrant. But tyrants are evil. I’ am the post-modern degenerate born out of the bourgeoisie and I’ am equally superior to the shoulders of giants I stand upon. If I tie my shoes I shall fall off and break my head like Humpty Dumpty, and it will be your fault.

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  1. The father of the Scientific Method:

    I say father loosely as it is a continuation of logical methods of investigation he inherited from the Hellenism of Christianity, and from the historical continuity of European thought. I say father in the sense of a logical method of investigation recognizable to the modern and post-modern.

  2. So there is no mistake, this is sarcasm. I’ am not personally an SJW, or whatever moniker you want to use (and they provide endless ones for us to use) for the archtype described. This is in the third person, sardonic, a very short monologue in the tradition of theatre.

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